Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library is to support high-quality library resources for everyone in Tompkins County by

    • Promoting reading by placing more books in more hands
    • Raising funds through book sales and other activities
    • Awarding grants to libraries and community organizations
    • Advocating for library funding
    • Encouraging volunteerism


Vision Statement

1.Financial Support for Libraries: We will sustain and strengthen our financial support for TCPL, FLLS, and local libraries in Tompkins County.
2. Varied Activities: We will conduct a wider range of activities in addition to the book sales, in collaboration rather than competition with other community organizations.
3. Advocacy: We will advocate for community support of libraries to the fullest extent allowed by our 501h status.
4. Partnerships: We will increase our active partnerships with other organizations such as area friends of the library groups, schools, and arts groups; we will conduct joint activities with TCPL, FLLS, and the TCPL Foundation.
5. Diversity: Our members, volunteers, and customers will reflect the broad diversity of Tompkins County.
6. Community Awareness: We will make the community fully aware of the benefits we provide them via the book sale and our other activities.
7. Literacy and Education: We will strengthen our support both for community organizations which promote literacy and for education of professional librarians.
8. Sustainability: We will expand our recycling and green efforts, including reducing our carbon footprint, across all endeavors.
9. Electronic Media: We will adapt our fund-raising strategies and activities to new electronic media and media technologies.
10. Business Technologies: We will use new information technologies to improve efficiency and service to our customers, members, and the community.