Member-Only Pre-Sale

Each year there are two Member-Only Pre-Sales for those who join the Friends of Tompkins County Public Library at the Book Collector $100-level or above. These members will be eligible to attend the Member-Only Pre-Sales in Spring and Fall of the same year.  

The Spring 2020 Member-Only Pre-Sale was held on Tuesday, April 28, from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.  Check out our Membership page to learn about joining the Friends.

Each person admitted to the Friends Member-only Pre-Sale must have a paid  $100 membership.  You may join at the door with a cash or credit card payment if you wish.  These memberships cannot be shared.  You may purchase a total of twenty-five (25) items from the main floor and seven (7) items from Collector’s Corner at each Pre-Sale .

Scanning and photographing of the shelves will not be permitted at the Member-Only Pre-Sale.

Please email if you have any questions.