Life Members of the Friends of the Library


Life memberships are selective and are not awarded lightly. They are given to show gratitude to individuals who, over time, have made a major impact on the success of the Friends organization and/or its Book Sale and who might not be recognized in other ways for the quiet nature of their work.  People may be honored for different types of services to the Friends, e.g., the rare but significant gesture, tremendous leadership, overwhelming time commitment, or a dedicated spirit.

Congratulations to Frances Fawcett, Nathan Fawcett, and Doug Reid who were honored with Life Memberships at the 2014 Annual Meeting.

Current Life Members: Beryl Barr, Ginger Cohen, Anton Egner, Joan Egner, Frances Fawcett, Nathan Fawcett, Christina Foltman, Betta Hedlund, Laurel Hodgden, Barbara Kretzmann, Regina Lennox, Patti Long, Ellie May, Monte May, Emily Metz, Joe Metz, Doug Reid, Jean Robinson, Jean Strout, Connie von Borstel, and Lorrie Young.